Fundraise for neurological research

Become an ambassador of hope and raise funds for neurological research. 1 in 3 Kiwis are affected by a neurological condition. With your support, researchers can develop new prevention and treatment methods, and one day, find cures.

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Using our fundraising platform, easily set up your page. Be sure to include a profile picture, a goal, and a spiel about why you're fundraising (potential supporters love to learn about your motivation!).
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Now it's time to tap into who you know! Using social media, email, and however else you stay in touch with the world, let your friends and family know about the amazing thing you are doing and how they can help. 

Make a difference

However you choose to fundraise - the money, awareness, and hope you raise will have a huge impact for all those affeced by neurological conditions. Have fun, and don’t forget to share the highlights!


Cookies, cakes, brownies... fundraising can be tasty! Hold a bake sale at your local community centre, market, or wherever works for you, and help raise hope for those affected by neurological conditions.


What better way to fundraise for brains than to challenge them? Hold a quiz night at your local spot and get your friends and family involved in changing the future for those with neurological conditions. 


Marathons, hikes, fun runs, swimming, biking... there are so many ways to get active and raise hope. Check out our collated list of upcoming events across the country. Can't find what you're looking for? Create your own!


Host a morning tea at your favourite venue. Perhaps even a Brainy Brunch? Enjoy good company and good food, all while contributing to the future of life-changing neurological research.


Who doesn't love a good sausage sizzle? Bunnings and Mitre 10, two national franchises, both offer fundraisers the opportunity to hold sausage sizzles at their stores (with equipment provided). 


Remember your loved one in a profound and forever way by raising funds to continue their legacy - a legacy of hope for all those affected by the 700+ neurological conditions that exist, now and in the future.


Get out the clippers and shave your head for neurological research! If your hair meets the requirements, you can also donate it to Freedom Hair, a Dunedin based organisation providing wigs for those affected by hair loss.


Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings... there are so many reasons to celebrate. Dedicate your next celebration to the 1 in 3 Kiwis affected by neurological conditions, and raise funds for research.

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"1 in 5 Kiwis suffer from a neurological condition, which means at some stage in life, we're all impacted by it - so let's get behind the research that can make a difference."

David Savage - Supporter and fundraiser, Tour Aotearoa 2021

"I had personal experience of the impact of neurological dysfunction on my life, so it was an easy choice to support the Neurological Foundation."

Helen Rook, Supporter and fundraiser, Wellington Trail Marathon 2019

"I know how much neurological research can change someone's life, it changed mine. If I can make a small change in someone's life 20 years from now, then that's all the reason we need."

Wilbur Morrison, Supporter and fundraiser, Head shave 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn badges on my fundraising page?

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There are a total of 5 bages available for all fundraisers to earn. The badges show potential supporters your dedication to the cause, and are also a fun way to move closer to your goal!

  1. Uploaded a profile picture: Let your potential supporters see your beautiful face! You can upload a profile picture during registration, or by editing your fundraising page.
  2. Shared page: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn... click the social media sharing buttons on your fundraising page and ask your loved ones to help you raise hope.
  3. First 5 donations: After receiving your fifth donation, you will automatically receive this badge.
  4. Added a blog post: Click the 'Add a Blog Post' button on your fundraising page to share updates and photos of your journey. 
  5. Reached goal: YOU DID IT! You've reached your fundraising goal!

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Are there any activities that are off limits when fundraising for the Neurological Foundation?

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There’s never a bad idea, but there are a few that we're unable to support due to the nature of our work:

  • Any event to do with boxing
    • Contact boxing has been linked to traumatic brain injuries and as a Foundation thriving to fund treatments and therapies to do with neurological conditions, we cannot in good conscience support any boxing activities
  • Any event or activity to do with firearms, drugs, alcohol or gambling
  • Any event or activity that will bring harm to any person or animal
  • Any event that will put you in immediate danger

How do I make sure the Neurological Foundation safely receives my donations?

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If you set up a fundraising page via our platform, Funraisin, all funds raised will be automatically distributed to the Neurological Foundation. If, however, you choose not to use our fundraising platform, you will need to transfer donations via online banking:

Account name: Neurological Foundation of New Zealand
Account number: 06 0287 013301 07

Please include your name as the reference (and your Donor ID if you have one). Please also notify us via with further details of the donation so that we can acknowledge and receipt you accordingly.

Is the Neurological Foundation able to provide fundraising support?

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Absolutely! Our team is here to support you. Whether you're after fundraising advice, resources, digital assets, a social media push, or even just some words of encouragement - know that we are here. You can call us on 0508 BRAINS (272 467) or email us at

What impact will the funds I raise for the Neurological Foundation have?

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Your support, no matter how big or small, will enable us to grow in each of our key areas - all with the purpose of improving the quality of life for all Kiwis affected by neurological conditions.

Neurological research: Each year, we fund approximately $5 million worth of neurological research. This is research that has the potential to change lives. Learn more.

Education: We host a range of events to educate Kiwis and raise awareness. We also publish Headlines, our quarterly magazine, 4 times per year, which is read by more than 20,000 Kiwis.

Human Brain Bank: We fund New Zealand's only Human Brain Bank, providing brain tissue for researchers throughout the country and around the world. Learn more.

Chair of Clinical Neurology: Since 2008, we have funded the Neurological Foundation Chair of Clinical Neurology, a position set up to bridge the gap between researchers and clinicians. Learn more.

Contact us

PO Box 110022
Auckland City Hospital
Auckland, 1148

0508 BRAINS (272 467)
09 309 7749

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