Jogging for Joe

By Jodie Keeney

After almost losing my dad last year to the effects of Parkinson’s disease, I made it my new year’s resolution to run a marathon while raising both awareness and funds for the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand. So now here I am less than two months out from the race ready and rearing to go. With the fitness side of it slowly starting to come together, it is now time for me to do the awareness and fundraising side of the journey.

Joe (dad) is one of the coolest guys I know, however with the deuteration of his health with Parkinson’s, there has been some wild changes to his life in the last couple years. He has always farmed and still at the age of 74 won’t go a day without seeing his girls (the cows). This has become harder with the disease and even though chucking on a pair of gumboots isn’t as simple as it used to be, he doesn’t let it get in the way. If Joe can get up every day and work on the farm at this ripe age, I think I should be able to spread some knowledge, raise some funds and attempt to run a marathon.

Now for the awareness part. 1 in 3 people are now affected by a neurological condition. The Neurological Foundation funds approximately $5 million worth of neurological research each year to further their understanding of the 700+ neurological conditions that exist. Their research works to develop prevention and treatment methods, and contribute to the progress of cures.

The raising funds side is where everyone can chip in big or small it doesn’t matter, who knows your cent might be the one to find the cure. This might mean more Joe’s are able to watch over their cows, and talk about the weather for another few years.  So please if you can click the link below and help us find a cure.

My Achievements

Thank you to my incredible supporters!


Ahaura Helicopters Ltd

Good on you Jodie, all the best for your run!


Wendy Gibson

So proud of you Jodie, cannot wait to see you at the finish line.


Dean Judson

From frn Lincoln also


Des & Rose Shaffery



Give it hell girl 💚


Jordan & Liam

So proud of you our beautiful friend doing such an amazing thing for a fantastic cause. Get them girl!!!!!!! Joe & the girls will be mooing you on the whole way!!!!! Legends 🖤🖤🖤


Cathy Bishell

Beautifuly written Jodie


Bill And Jem

We are so proud of you Jods! Enjoy the hikoi, you are amazing x


Pete And Liz Morrison/ Nattrass


Alex Irvine

Proud of you!



Wonderfully written Jodie. All the best for the run.




Leo & Julie Kersten

Proud of you Jodie, go you!


Kay Bishell

Congratulations Jodie, an awesome result both in your run and your fund raising effort too.


Ann Van Der Geest



Go out there and smash it


Jenny Weir

Well done Jodie




Spencer Bird

All the best Jodie! You've put it the hard yards. Well done 💪


Mike G


Joe Keeney



Hope it helps I know you’ll smash the race!!! xxxx




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Tim Mccaw


Theo Beaumont

Hope this helps, ultimate respect for you and Joe. 🤙


Christina Fawcett

You are awesome Jodie! Smashing it! 🤩


Kaye Kampkes

Go girl




Joe Keeney


Rob Roney

I have shot ducks on the farm for many years. I still run around 70 years of age, and appreciate what you are doing. My wife and I have supported the Neurological foundation for many years since we lost a son with a condition.



A lovely tribute to you dad.


Jo Townshend

Great cause, great work, best of luck.


Georgia Marshall

Good on you Jodie. What a great cause. Very proud! Xx


Marilyn / Mick Latta

Well done Jodie, all the best Joe


Will Macfarlane

Forgot to put through the other day


Lisa Mcenaney

All the best . Hope the run goes well.



Awesome work honouring your Dad! Good luck with your run.


Kallum Puttick


Mary And Trevor

Well done Jodie. All the best for Sunday. Love Mary and Trevor


Ginnia Latta


Meg Knowler



Your amazing!






Nick Ralston

Go hard this weekend Jodie! You’ll smash it 👍🏼 Such a great cause you are fundraising for!


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All the best for tomorrow Jodie💛💛


Harri Wulff


Joel Calnan

Lets go dad


Olivia Smith

Awesome work Jodie, what a legend!