Running for Russ

By Mackenzie Lattimore

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Losing a parent at any age is unimaginably hard. That coupled with watching them lose themselves and not being able to do anything about it is unbearable. This is unfortunately what my family has been going through for the last few years with my dad and so many families have been dealt the same card.

My worst nightmare ever since I was a child was always that one of my parents will become victim to dementia. Never would I have thought it would actually happen and unfortunately be one of the rarest kinds. Progressive Supranucleur Palsy (PSP) is only of of many neurological conditions that affect millions of people world wide. There is still no cure to any of these conditions, no hope for families or any ease for people that fall victim to them. My hope is that one day in the future, other families do not have to go through the same torture that mine and so many others have, one day there might be a cure or more understanding around what causes this and how to stop it before it is too late. 

So in light of this, I am committed to running 100km every month this year for not just myself and my own goals, but to shed light on the ruthless impacts of these conditions. 

I would love if you could donate towards me running during the month of March. I'm raising hope for the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand; New Zealand's only dedicated funder of neurological research. As detailed in the Global Burden of Disease 2018 study, 1 in 3 people are now affected by a neurological condition - making what they do important to many Kiwis. They fund approximately $5 million worth of neurological research each year to further our understanding of the 700+ neurological conditions that exist. Their researchers work to develop prevention and treatment methods, and contribute to the progress for cures.

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Sean Barrett


Tyler H

Your going to smash it for a great cause, supporting you all the way!


Manon & Cody

So proud of you Kenny! Xox


Amelia Kahurangi

Love to your whanau 🖤


Joanne Hansen

I heard about your amazing goal from your Mum. Wishing you every success! Jo



Great work Mackenzie, very proud Aunty and Uncle


Carolyn Naylor

Great idea Mackenzie, love from London, Carolyn & Alistair xx


Shane Cannon

To Russ 🤍 love you guys loads x


Pat & Shelley Cannon

What a beautiful tribute to your Dad.


Jared & Angelica


Carol Chellew

So Proud of you Mackenzie, as I am sure your Mum and Dad are. Go for it. Good luck xx


Brenda Hogan

Go for gold Mackenzie we are with you all the way



Awesome mate


Brooke & Luke

We are beyond proud of you and are backing you 100%. Love you x


Dale & Dean

Fantastic sweetheart. We are very proud of you xx


Holly And Keegan

Go Macka, so proud of you!!


Dylan Mcgall

Go Girl! Awesome work!


Mackenzie Lattimore


Myah & Jack


Britt & Cal

So proud of you Macka!! Love you lots ❤️❤️



This is amazing! Proud of you and sending you all the love ❤️


Benjamin De Ruiter

Such a good cause! Proud of you 👏





You’re incredible, so proud of you xxx


Tessa Clarke

So proud of you Mack. Love to all of you 🤍


Emily Randell

I’m so proud of you and who you are as a person 🫶🏼 Love you xxx




Francesca Hills

LOVE YOU DARLING ❤️ so proud and inspiring, run like the wind!


April Paulin

So proud of you Macka, love you guys xx


Shona Macleod

Go lass! Sending lots of love to the whānau. Incredible cause and gusto X


Terry De Ruiter


Debra Johns

Wow Macka you go girl, wishing you the best xx



Get it!! 🤍



Awesome stuff Macka



So proud of you Macka. Such an incredible cause ❤️‍🩹💭🙌🏼 Much love to you and your family x



So proud of you! ❤️


Martine & Stewart Gibson

A great challenge for a great cause with a personal motivation. Proud.



Proud of you x


Courtney Chellew

Lots of love to you & your family xx


Jo Rea

Awesome. Fantastic thing to do for your dad and for yourself and raise awareness to others ❤️


Ms Glass Xx

What incredible act of love. I’m amazed by you xx


Baxter Watson


Jess Isemonger



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❤️❤️ You’re incredible. So much love to you & your family xx


Boss Ass Bij

You go you little hua!



So proud of you 💛