Memories matter: Uniting against Alzheimer's

By Tzara Ali

I'm raising hope for the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand; New Zealand's only dedicated funder of neurological research. As detailed in the Global Burden of Disease 2018 study, 1 in 3 people are now affected by a neurological condition - making what they do important to many Kiwis. They fund approximately $5 million worth of neurological research each year to further our understanding of the 700+ neurological conditions that exist. Their researchers work to develop prevention and treatment methods, and contribute to the progress for cures.

I'm inspired by what the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand does and want to help ensure that they can continue saving lives. Please help me help them by giving what you can, no matter how big or small, using the ‘Donate’ button. Together, we can raise hope for all those affected by neurological conditions - now and in the future.

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