Spoked Tour Aotearoa 2021

By Spoked Crew!


Starting on the 1st of Feb 2021, three guys from the Wairarapa will be riding the Tour Aotearoa (TA). It's a 3000km Mtb route from Cape Reinga to Bluff over 26 days (plus some probably) ... that means over 100km's a day!

They are supporting The Neurological Foundation as they go, hoping to raise a good chunk of money for them!

Who is in the Spoked crew?

David Savage, Mike Smith and Pete Sutherland, all from Greytown.

Why? Are they crazy?

David Savage has a condition called Multifocal Motor Neuropathy (MMN), which is gradually causing increased atrophy in his right arm and hand, and right leg and foot. So he's mustered a crew and is riding the TA whilst he can!

"Some people with MMN end up with walking sticks or in a wheel chair. I've already lost two-thirds of the strength in my right hand and my right leg has a subtle limp-thing going on ... and so a physical challenge like the TA is huge, but one that is hugely motivating - It's focusing me on what I can do now, not what I may lose in the future. We need more research in NZ on conditions like these, so we’re raising money for the Neurological Foundation."

You can follow our adventure on: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spoked

My Achievements

My Updates

We just jumped!

Wednesday 27th Jan
You may have just noticed our fundraising total jumped from just over $2k to nearly $8.5k .... that’s down to the terrific fabric retailer Miss. Maude who just donated 50% of proceeds from a sale they had AND organised a firewood raffle ... we are blown away by your support and generosity. A big thumbs up to the three Greytown kids for selling the raffle tickets on the day! https://missmaudesewing.co.nz/

More stretch!!

Saturday 16th Jan
We will be leaving to start our ride in just two weeks ... and again we’ve nearly hit our fundraising target so we’ve stretched it again setting it to $7,500 ... BOOM! Thanks to all who’ve donated!

Smashed it .... so we go bigger!

Wednesday 16th Dec
Well, we are five weeks out from our ride and we’ve already hit our $1,000 target, so we’ve reset to $2,500 ... thanks to all who’ve got us off to such a great start!

Off to a great start!

Tuesday 8th Dec
Thanks to all who’ve kicked off the fundraising today - and a big thanks to Mike for inspiring you all to donate - As Mr. Miyagi would say, “Wax On, wax off”!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Miss Maude Store

Funds raised from remnant sales and generous customer donations.


Spoked Junior Crew

Firewood raffle, with generous support from Miss Maude & friends.


The Greytown Hotel

Hi Spooked Team, all the best for your tour, great way to share the love. Looking forward to seeing g up updates,


Rob & Helen Smith

Proud of you guys. Good luck


Hannah James

You guys are awesome! I’m loving your commentary and songs and following your progress everyday.



Keep being awesome


Driving Miss Daisy

Wish I could be with you guys!!!


Susan Smith


Julian Downd


Kuttner-saulbrey Wh?nau

Love your mahi team! You’ve got this! Kia kaha. Xx


Lisa And Rusty

Go hard or go home.....good luck!!



Good riding David and the spoked crew! Amazing trip and it was so much fun to be on it with you. Congratulations from all the Charwats!


Gav And Francie Hey

Go spoked!


Kelly Wood

Half way there, amazing effort for some special charities. Congratulations! Photo journey is also making me jealous.


Tom And Dan

Don't let us catch you tomorrow lads.


Russell Mcmullan

Well done!


Sarah Pettus

You guys are awesome! I'm loving the posts and the journey. Thanks for what you're doing and for keeping us all involved. Arohanui, Sarah, Sage & Troy


Claire Cross

In awe of your efforts.


Annalise, Grace, Jonte

Funds raised from our Jelly Stall at pet day 😊


Phil And Ange Smith


Saulbrey Ross Family

Huge adventure for a great cause!


The Rosses


Pennington Whanau


Ursula Byrne


Abbott-beatty Unit


Dave Hermans

Kia kaha!



Awesome effort on the back waxing Mike!!



Best of luck


Brigi And John

Go Sav🥰


Dunnet Family

I have your back (well not Mike's)


Chrissie & John Hermans

Happy pedalling


Rich Easton

Looking forward to hearing how you get on, thank you for your support of the Neurological Foundation


Alex Henderson

Go spoked crew! Amazing work for a great cause and fabulous people.


The Thompsons X

Great stuff guys - go for it!!



Good luck fellas!



Great stuff, good luck and enjoy the ride.


Jackie Gray

Go Team Greytown Spoked ! Lots of incredible memories ahead- travel safe


Anna And Chopper

Good luck boys!


Jon & Pri

Best of luck! Looking forward to the updates. Xx


Jeremy Savage Aka Sav

Well done lads. Wheely good .


Ian Macrae

A tremendous effort guys - well done! I thoroughly enjoyed your updates. Cheers, enos


Sue C

Great job Pete and team


Josepha And Geoff

Such an adventure! Ride like the wind x




Lesley Reidy


Dave Stephenson

Good luck guys!


Tracy Mawson

What a mammoth effort team, well done! Been amazing following your journey.


Lucy Cooper

Good luck Spoked! What a fabulous adventure awaits!


Belinda & Sam


Joanna Hehir


Tracy Keith

All the best Sav! What an amazing adventure you will have cycling the length of the long white cloud. I hope the weather is kind to you and your body remains strong and resilient. Take care of yourself. Tracy


Greg Baum

Good luck today gang, hope the first 100km isn’t too painful.


Ingrid I Downey

This is fantastic!!!


Alisdair Mckenzie




Jack Stanton

Congratulations Mike, Pete and crew, your updates were fun and inspirational


Elizabeth Charwat



Shelley Kirk


Karen Vincent


Olivia Gavin


The Millllllllzzzzzzzz


Danny Pritchard

Good luck team!!!