Labour Day 21km for Parkinson's

By Shannon Addison

For my 21st run in lockdown I'm going to run 21kms to raise money for a Parkinson's cure.  (Not feeling 21 so it may be a real Labour Day labour).

I'm not sure what the clinical term is, but Parkinson's SUCKS THE BIG ONE.  Our Dad copes with it like an absolute ledge, but we have seen how  cruel and unpredictable this disease is on a daily basis. 

With 1 in 500 people suffering from Parkinson's it is really common, so I'd love to do something practical with this lockdown and raise a few bucks for the researchers who are trying to crack the cure.   

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Thank you everyone!

Tuesday 26th Oct
The run is done. There was rain, blisters, and a few sore muscles today but all 3 made the 21km and in good time.  So blown away to have more than doubled our target, thanks everyone for your support of this cause.  Xxx S, L & E

24hrs to go…

Sunday 24th Oct
Amazed to have reached $3k, thanks for the wonderful support! Also pleased to report that tomorrow’s weather is looking good… for some

Wow! Smashed the target already!

Friday 22nd Oct
So grateful to reach our target in just a day.  Thanks so much for the support everyone.  I feel I must credit the pulling power of my sisters… but let’s see how they go on the day :)

Breaking News

Friday 22nd Oct
The Blisters are joining the team!  Lisa in Tauranga and Ellen in Southland will be running/walking for the cause too xxx

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Barb & Addo

Go Shan & the girls!


Jason Dowling



Smash it Flan!!


Maree Flavall

Go Swishy, you are a legend


Bert & Mel

Great work guys! All the best girls. Love to you and Flav!


Aunty June

Wonderful girls supporting this


Linda Mangan

My big bro . Big heart. Massive challenge that he takes head on .



Go girls



Go Shannon, Well done you, awesome effort.


Steve Flavall

A thought for your blisters


Jessica Goodwright

Wahoo you Go Girls 🎉🎉


John Hatwell


Shannon Addison


Flying Fix Bikes

Go geddem champ!


Bese E Boi

Go Flan!


Jodi Cooper

Go Girls! JAC


Jody And Cam Gates

21kms! Good luck girls! X


Lizzie And James

Well done!


Simms Fam

You're amazing! Good luck. Cheering you on from across the ditch!


Fiona Ryan

Great cause Shan 😘


Stephen Haynes

Hope the run goes well. Good luck




Di Maxwell

Go girls 😃


Bee And Doy

All our love and support.


Antoinette Michels

Go Flanny! Helping fight a great cause while fighting your way through lockdown! Cool to see the blisters getting on board too. Love Ant, Glen & Thea



Good luck xx



Run Forrest run!



Nice work lady xx


Stacy & Daryl

Awesome Cuzzies


Alice Mconie

Love this! 👏 run you good thing you.. run!


Hart Dan And Bex


Janice & Murray

Uncle Babe would be proud of you girls


Alison Carruthers


Army Base

You girls are super and Papi Flavall is a legend.



Good luck Shan 💗


Rebecca Mangan

Go my 3 cousins . You are awesome In memory of my poppa Gordon and also for uncle Stephen ( Pappi)


Joan Browning



Way to go girls!!


Tamara Williams


Dickey Greg


Marie Kidd


Q Dog



Kate Mangan

Go Shan! All the best in this weather!


Jeremy Kidd


Courtney Robertson (murray)

Awesome work girls! 🤗


Alexa Smith

Awesome work ladies! Hope you are not too sore this morning! Great cause and epic fundraising effort!


Bo Jenkins

You're a legend Shazza!



Well done Shan x Great cause


Gemma Hunter

Awesome work flav girls 🏃‍♀️



You go girls. A great cause to go towards after seeing first hand what this nasty disease can do.


The Neighbours J&j&m&j

Go Shannon!


Even Stevens


Mel & Ben

Go Flanmo! So proud of you 💛


Profusion Coaching

Well done, Go get'em


William Harvey



Go hard girls!


Richelle & Steve

Nice one Flan, Bese & Fluff!


Roxy Hart

This is beautiful ladies 💕 enjoy your accomplishment. And much love to your Dad🤗



Good luck Shan!



Go Shan!!!!


Sharlene Storey

All the best xx


Tracy & Kevin Kidd

Go you girls 💜


Kelly And Jason

Wow this is awesome girls! So proud of you. All the best ❤️


Gabriela Andrade



Simon Paul

Nice work Shan you bloody legend


Katy Atkin

Go you good thing! Great cause x


Simon Lambert

Wonderful stuff Shannon!


Gibb Matt


Naomi Marsh


Lance E Boy!

You rock Shan!


Aaron Dawson


Jessica C

Yewww go Fluffy Lisa and Shan! Very impressive


Lance Gwynne




Charlene Kriesel

Good Luck to you, and your dad.


Phil&di Neal

Go Shannon - good on you 🥰


Kyle Nicole


Rachel Farac

Good on you girls, great work, hope this helps a little towards your goals 😘


Christina Coulam

Way to go Shannon! You are awesome xxx




Joeline Mcmillan

Go hard girls.





Don’t get distracted by pine coning & run hard!



Smashed it!


Tedward H.




Amber Van Der Heyden

You've got this Shannon! What a legend!