Margaret Meechang

Fifty for 50

Neurological Research

My Fiftyfor 50 personal challenge for May 2021 is to create 50 small paintings on paper and sell them to anyone willing to contribute $20 towards at least $500 for the Neurological Foundation. 

My Achievements

Head Start: donated to own fundraising page

You’ve Got Personality: personalised fundraising page

Fifty for 50: $50 fundraised

Halfway There: 50% of fundraising target reached

Mind-blowing: reached full fundraising target!

My Updates

Paintings are sold

Thursday 10th Jun
I've received and already donated $500 to The Foundation! It was a really great project and hopefully more people are aware now of the Foundation. Our exhibition is now completed and , as contributions come in, I will pass them on to NF. Thanks for all your help and the fun time I have had doing the paintings. 

12 paintings sold already and we haven't had the exhibition yet!

Wednesday 26th May
Publicity for the exhibition in June has commenced, with the Local Nelson Weekly including a photograph and story of Mags Painting Challenge. Twelve paintings have sold already! The exhibition, hosted by the Nelson Golf Club and it's wonderful Cafe, will open on June 3, between 4 and 6pm. Messages have gone out to the community through the Golf Club, Art Groups, personal contacts and social media. 
The exhibition will extend though most of June, with paintings to sell, two silent auctions and a raffle, along with Neurological Foundation information and encouragement for new memberships.

paintings are selling

Wednesday 19th May
Some paintings are already sold but will still be exhibited at the Nelson Golf Club  during June. There will be more than 50 available. Two works will be sold through Silent Auction, with bids being made and decided at the end of June. 
If you would like one of these paintings, for just $20 please messenger  me with the number and I will let you know if it is still available. thankyou! Mags

paintings are gathering!

Friday 30th Apr
My 50 paintings are coming together and soon I shall be getting them into a format that will help putting them together as a unit for presenting them to purchasers. This will involve backing them on support board, labeling and numbering. I need to set up a process where I can keep a clear record of those sold and who to! The Nelson Golf Club is to give me space to show the works, and to put on a "Do" to kick it off. My aim is to use that and the exhibition time (early June) to help promote the Neurological Foundation with available promotional material and avenues for further donations and membership. I still need to arrange for that material to be available! In the meantime I will keep gathering the work together.