Running For Neuro

By Deirdre Lapera

Running For Nuero

On April 11, I will be running the Christchurch Half Marathon to raise funds for the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand. 

In the past month, my dad has been experiencing multiple seizures. It has been a roller coaster experience for my whole family and friends. This eye-opening experience has made us aware that there is a need to support those who are affected by a neurological condition. 

The Neurological Foundation is a non-profit organisation that works towards the treatment, management, and prevention of neurological conditions by funding research and education. 

1 in 5 Kiwis is affected by a neurological condition, such as epilepsy, stroke, MS just to name a few. I want to help ensure that they continue this research and continue saving lives. 

Please show your support and donate to my page! Every support would mean a lot to the foundation

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Charlotte Jamieson



So proud of you!!! ♥️


Blandina Lapera


Rebecca Tait

You're such an inspiration, I believe in you and I wish you and your family good luck for the future ❤




Matthewnelle James Delmiguez

Hi ate dre. We are so proud of you. Thank you for doing this esp for your papa. We love you ate!


Angela Nonis


Deirdre Lapera




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Jack Pugh

You got this, proud of you




Ethan Basterfield

You’re cool I’m proud of you x


Rapunzel Raz

you amaze me! Keep doing what you do! 🥺💐


Celine Mcgarvey