Danielle & Brett Hamilton

Fifty for 50

50km of doggy walks in May

Whiskey and Brandy are the Neurological Foundation's in-house happiness officers, sharing the love to make everyone's day a little better in the Neurological Foundation's Auckland office a couple of days each week. The dogs are great companions and provide entertainment and help to destress the people in the office.

As walking is a great form of exercise to keep you healthy, which ultimately helps your brain health, this May Danielle and Brett (Whiskey and Brandy's mum and dad) will be taking the challenge to do 50km of doggy walks. While the dogs will love it, the humans will find this a little more challenging!

Your support of our challenge will go to the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand, funding important research and education of the over 700 neurological conditions which affect 1 in 5 people. 

Neurological conditions, like stroke, Parkinson's, dementia, epilepsy, brain tumours and many more affect people all around the world, and with 1 in 5 in NZ being affected we are all likely to know someone who has experienced one of these conditions.

This work is so very important, so thank you for helping support this worthy cause.

My Achievements

Head Start: donated to own fundraising page

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Fifty for 50: $50 fundraised

Halfway There: 50% of fundraising target reached

Mind-blowing: reached full fundraising target!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Wendy Dunn

Wishing you and the doggo’s the best of luck for this venture.


Danielle & Brett Hamilton


Claire Stinton

Good luck.